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After graduating a Master's degree in Art History and Cultural Engineering at La Sorbonne in 2011, Madeleine Filippi has been an independent curator and art critic ever since, specializing in contemporary and time-based art.

She directs her researches around the following axes: Archive(s) - memory(s) - language(s), within public and private cultural institutions (Beirut Art Fair, Colombo Art Biennale, Frac Champagne Ardenne, National House Museum Bonaparte etc.).

After having been co-chief-editor of Diapo magazine, specialized in performance, she was director of the Vanessa Quang gallery (Paris, France). Then, she was appointed responsible for the collections of several private collectors, as well as the Zinsou Foundation (Cotonou, Benin). Since 2018, she has initiated several projects around the video medium as an artefact of our contemporary society (France-Romania 2019 Season, Frans Krajcberg Foundation, etc.). Today she contributes to various magazines and exhibition catalogs on the emerging scene and the art market. (Le Quotidien de l'art, Artpress, L'Art Même etc.)

She also teaches art market at the University of Corsica and continues to collaborate with Altaïr ThinkTank on promoting culture, media and digital technologies.

Madeleine Filippi is Co Presidents of CEA (Association Française des commissaires d'exposition, a platform promoting and organizing projects, and reflecting upon the curatorial practice) and member of AICA France (International Association of Arts Critics).

Nominee for AICA Prize 2020

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