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- "POOL#1 Curatorial practices and eco-design", a day of conferences and discussions on ecological curatorial practices- organised for c-e-a ( French association of curators,  with  Pauline Lisowski, Claire Luna and Bettie Nin. Hosted by Le Cercle Chromatique at Beaux Arts Paris. With the support of Cac La Traverse.


- Conversation "Nous sommes au regret  - the refusal in contemporary art" Jean - Jacques Henner Museum (Paris, France) - Guest speaker

- Talk about "TENE" Florian Kiniques's project at Center for the conservation and restoration of the movable heritage of Corsica - Guest speaker


- Roundtable meeting ""What meaning should be given to geographic territory (s) and to memory for traveling artists ?" By La la land Gallery - Guest speaker with Enric Puig Punyet (Director of Art Center Santa Monica at Barcelona), François Rublon (curator) and the artist Thilleli Rahmoun.



- Pool programme, organised by C/E/A French Curators Association - Talk with Folakunle Oshun (independant curator)

- SHIFT programme, organised by Amac "The artist-curator relationship" - Guest speaker with Marie-Pierre Bonniol (independant curator).


- Informal Meetings #Istanbul, organised by Mobile Biennale & C-E-A | French Association of Curators / hosted by The Pill (Istanbul, Turkey). "Curators in mobility: the cultural, social and political positioning and responsibility of curating trans -national projects"



- Curator's Meeting  "Flowers Project- Owanto "/ Institut Français & Paris Photo

- Positive Tensions (curating kit) by Apparatus 22 / hosted by / during C-E-A research trip to Bucharest Romania

- Conference, "Future is curatorial" Mains d'oeuvres, une invitation du C-E-A



- Roundtable meeting, "Curatorial Future Talks", ISELP, Brussels, Belgium.

- Conférence, "Future is curatorial" Mains d'oeuvres, une invitation du C-E-A


- Roundtable meeting "Emerging Artist & digital art", La Gaité Lyrique, une invitation de la revue Naja 21, Paris, France.


- Conference "Art contemporain en Corse /Bastia l'Ecole", Musée d'art et d'Histoire de la Ville de Bastia

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